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Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Great updates all around so far.

No cardio issues, "her heart looks beautiful" in the doctor's words. The day could not have gone any better. Megan was happy and in a good mood. The nurse asked if we wanted to try the echo w/o sedation and I was up for that, of course, cause I was concerned being put under would mess with her sats and they would end up keeping us there. All the nurses came around to give the big girl a high five and she collected about 15 stickers. A little fussing but a great job on Megan's part. We are forever released from Cardio so we never have to go back!

As for todays eye appointment, no surgery on the eyes but need to follow up in 4 months, her prescription has gotten stronger.

So now we wait to go to the Pulminologist at the end of the month. Hopefully he will have some other ideas on why Megan's sats are low.


amy flege said...

yeah what a relief!! way to go megan!!!!

Cammie Heflin said...

That is awesome! Woo hoo Megan!

Bethany said...

Great to hear her heart looks good!

Michelle said...

yay for great updates!

cat said...

Excellent news! So glad - it must be a huge relief to have one less thing to worry about.

aj said...

YAY Megan!!! so glad to hear of your great heart check-up! we still opt for unsedated echos - as long as we have a favorite dvd and Kix cereal on hand, it goes pretty well. praying that the Pulmo will have answers for you, aj & Janna

love the new camera - great pic of Megan's beautiful eyes!