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Monday, July 30, 2012
Blogging is therapy for me sometimes.  After blogging about my youngest yesterday it set me on a quest to find out how I can best help her.  After reading articles and looking up LD diagnosis. I believe I have her pinpointed to APD.  APD is auditory processing disorder.  I watched this youtube video and believe she has the Listening issue.  She doesn't always process what she hears correctly.
Sounds so bogus, right?  Nope...totally sounds like her.  And spending every waking moment with my kids I am 90% convinced this is what it is.  The video below is 50 minutes but very helpful.

This morning Olivia said to me, "Why can't we get a 3D TV"  (She asks me this all the time and loves going to 3D movies and loved looking at the TVs at Best Buy and putting on the glasses).  I said we just don't have the money for that right now and she responded.  "You don't need money, its Free...that's why they call it Free-D"
So all this times we have talked about 3-D and all along she thought it was Free-D.  Makes me feel bad!
It makes my heart ache for her....why can't life be easy for my kids?

So I called and made an appointment to have her tested...worst case scenario is, I was wrong....which wouldn't be the first time.