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Saturday, July 14, 2012
The Down Syndrome world has changed a lot since I last logged on here. My entire back ground (that I paid for) had disappeared along with the friend who created it.  Oh well, I have learned a thing or two of my own over the years I have been gone so it served my purpose setting this blog back up.

Facebook... I am on all the time but I do not know my DS friends on there...it does not compare to my days on Downsyn.  Love ya TOM!!! Facebook is overwhelming and I feel bad saying I should probably delete anyone I do not know.  I have over 100 friends waiting to be added with 160+ mutual friends from the DS world (overwhelmed)....I have huge guilt leaving them there too.  I do remember a handful of my facebook friends from Downsyn and they mean THE WORLD TO ME! Although I do not talk to you everyday like I used to you all have a HUGE part of my heart and have taught me so much! I would do anything for you guys!

Ever since Megan went to school full time I took a step back from the internet....never thought I would.  I had seen others when Megan was younger do the same and was always astonished how they could be so involved online one minute and absent the next...but now I understand.  Life gets in the way, interests change, people change, needs change...and so I do not log on to Downsyn like I used to.  I was always impressed by the stars next to my name for the years I had been a member/the # of posts that I had/being in the Top 10 posters next to Amy, Vonda, Renee and Jo. But that has changed....I am grateful for my time there but it is like passing a torch...you cannot carry it forever, you need to pass it on to others.

I do not plan on making any promises about keeping my blog up to date but I will try to come back from time to time to talk about what is going on in Megan's life.  I do see I still get traffic on here and I feel compelled to at least post pics and accomplishments.

If anyone is interested you can follow me on twitter or Instagram.  I will add a button for those in the sidebar soon :)