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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Couldn't the education system be simple for at least 1 of my kids?

Has anyone just thought that 1 of their children would benefit from being homeschooled but were too scared to change the status quo?  I am in that situation right now.  I feel my youngest (who does not have Down Syndrome) would benefit from the 1 on 1 attention in her education.  Don't get me wrong, I love our school and we have some of the most amazing teachers.  My daughter has even had those amazing teachers...but it is her.  I think she really struggles in a big classroom.  I can remember having the same troubles she is facing right now.  More interested in what her classmates are up to, struggling to focus on the words coming out of her teachers mouth. She can't help but think who she is going to sit next to at lunch or what happened on the school bus.
Public school has hardened her too.  She used to be my little angel, so sweet and innocent.  Now just finishing 1st grade she is knee deep in 6-7 year old drama it disgusts me.  My sweet faced girl is gone.

When Olivia was 2, she knew the entire alphabet, she could write her first and last name, by age 3 she had her addition facts from 1 - 10 down, by age 4 she had over 250 sight words memorized.  I sent her off to Kindergarten primed for success.  Yet I didn't see her flourish, she teetered and bobed above the water, slowly moved to float and now I see her sinking.
My true fear is, me, I might be in charge of her education??? and I didn't do that well myself??  I just don't want her to struggle like I did....I want to help fix the problem that started with me.
I read this article and it really did make me see I am not alone in my worries. Article on Homeschooling

Maybe I could do it?  Should I?

I just want her to be able to focus on material, hear it, understand it, question it, write about it and I am not seeing that in her current setting.  7 and struggling...