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Saturday, July 14, 2012
Megan is growing up so fast.  Megan will be 9 in 4 short months.  She starts 3rd Grade in September. She will start her 6th year at dance.  She still loves Jazz and Tap.  She is reading on a 1st grade level, close to 2nd grade level.  Her favorite books are anything with SpongeBob.  She loves Homework and doing it independently, what can I say...she's strange :)
She is swimming all on her own but has gone from a fearless swimmer to a cautious one which makes me feel better. Her health is great.  No major health issues.  She did get hearing aids this past school year and they have helped in amazing ways.  She played softball for the first time this year and loved it.  She did an amazing job. She makes me proud everyday.  She is an amazing friend to others.  She lights up every room she is in.

Megan with her sister and friend Sophia

Megan and her sister Olivia before dance recital

Megan with her sister and brother in Cape May, NJ