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Thursday, July 19, 2012
So sad to be missing the conference.  Not for all the information they provide  but because it was a place to go every summer with or without my family where I could meet up with friends from all over the country from the DS world.  So sad it is not working out for me this year.  I enjoyed Atlanta, Boston and Kansas City.  KC brought the outside fountains that the kids would run through in their suits (our group got matching outfits for the kids and did pictures). In Boston we rode around with the GPS to find the Cheers restaurant for 2 hours my 1st convention with just the girls! What a fun car ride!  Atlanta was full of site seeing with the family and dinners out. It was the first time I met my DS friends and many life long relationships formed there.  These conventions are unforgettable.    If you are going, enjoy every moment of it! 


wendy said...

I have never been to the convention but am hoping maybe next year. I enjoy reading your blog.

Stephanie Bissol said...

Thanks Wendy! If you every get a chance GO...the convention is the best!