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Monday, July 30, 2007
So we went to CHOP today to see the Pulminologist and he ended up saying:

Although he cannot test Megan for Asthma, he believes with her history that we should treat her for it. So she now "has asthma" LOL and will be on 2 inhales a day of albuterol, with an inhaler of Pulmacourt in case of croup like symptoms.
He also feels she has reflux and will be testing her for it soon but in the mean time has her on prevacid. We need to schedule the barrium study to determine if she does actually have reflux.
He also has me scheduling a sweat study for cystic fibrosis? (Anyone every have this done?) And chest x-rays and A SLEEP STUDY...so we will be fairly busy around here.

He also prescribed her singular to help with the congestion....
So we will be buying our local Pharmacy! LOL

With all these meds I am really hoping this will solve all her horrid breathing issues and we can stay out of the ER. I asked the ER how many times we were there last year for croup and it totaled 8...not to mention the 1 time we went on vacation to another ER and the other time we were admitted to another hospital...so 10 times in 2006....ugh! Gotta love CROUP!

Just wanted to give an update! My head is swirling with all this new info...so sorry if it is confusing you


~Melissa~ said...

I hope it helps her - sounds like she's been through a lot (and so have you!)

I haven't heard of the study you mention - what prompted it? I might have missed where you talked about it. I ask because I think d sweats a lot ...

Christina said...

Oh man! I hope all that stuff helps her! Kallie is on Singular once a day and it has done miracles for her congestion! I haven't heard of that study either...that is interesting! Keep us posted and of course as always we are praying for you and your sweet girl!