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Wednesday, July 4, 2007
So I went to the movies today with my son Joey and dh Joe. My parents watched the girls as they cooked ribs and steak on the grill for the holiday.

I must say "WOW" about the movie. It was very adrenaline rush, edge of your seat, adventure, thriller, violent type movie, but FUNNY. It was also very silly and lost a lot of umph by the end. It is one you must see in the theater though, I am sure it won't be as good on DVD.

However, there is a part of the movie which made me uncomfortable with my 10 year old son sitting next to me (It is rated PG-13). There was a scene where the mother mentions "masturbation" and my son REALLY LOUDLY asked me what that meant...I quickly shhhhushed him and told him I would tell him later when I was secretly hoping he would forget about it....which he did (thank goodness).

So I do think this movie was good 3 out of 4 stars but I would definitely leave the pre-teens at home. Not for the pure of heart.


~Melissa~ said...

I'm glad to read this - my hubby wants to go and he wanted to take Dominic (who is little). I told him that I would go, but it would not be appropriate for Dominic. Now I can show him this! :)