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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Last night on Conan O'Brien Chris Rock was asked....Do you think the USA is ready for a black president? His response..."We already had a retarded one...when did being black become worse then being retarded..."

I have written so many responses and have deleted them all. So I am leaving the responses up to my fellow bloggers. What are your thoughts on this?


Powell Family said...

Ugh.....(*insert BIG EYE-ROLL!!)

L. Noelle said...

I have mixed feelings about the word "retarded". Most people who even use this word to make a joke, are not intending this word to insult those who are really "mentally challenged". I don't look at Down Syndrome as being "retarded". In fact, I don't even give any energy to that word at all and don't consider it an accurate description of anything!

I personally like Chris Rock and he makes me laugh, I think he's a great political satirist. The truth is that all comedians affend large groups of people all the time. Overweight people, short people, "stupid" people, mean people, etc. That is what comedy is based on, making fun of others. "Retarded" only has as much meaning as you give it! I give it none! My son, having Down Syndrome, is extremely bright and capable. The word would never even come into our language other than to acknowledge others in using it.