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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
This is so important. I am asking you to help me by voting and also by forwarding this on to your entire address book.
How many of you know that 90% of woman who find out there unborn child has down syndrome abort that baby?
How many of you know that doctor's often paint a picture that is bleak and undeserving of life, that these woman do not get sufficient facts to make a more educated decision?
How many of you know my Megan and how wonderful she is and how happy and DESERVING OF LIFE SHE IS?
Please help us get the funding needed to help our children with Down Syndrome. It will be a sad day when there are no more kids with Down Syndrome on the planet.
Our kids are meant to be and with all the new guidelines for pre-natal testing it is so important to get out the positive side of DS.
I hope Megan means as much to you as she does to me and her family.

Please take a minute to vote and send on to others. Thank you. Enjoy the photo.
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You need an American Express Card to vote. I do not have one but applied for one and am awaiting the card to vote. If you cannot apply, I understand but please send on to other's for me.
You can apply for a card here.