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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Monday night was a busy night for our family. We had a baseball game, back to school night and a township meeting. Of course my 1st choice between the 3 is baseball but being a mom, I had to go to back to school night to meet Joey's new teacher.
However, I got to go to the beginning of the game to witness the sweetest thing ever.
We met a family of a boy on Joey's team. The 5 year old brother was Chris and he was SMITTEN over Megan. He kept following her around, hugging her and kissing her.
I was watching closely because I didn't want him to get too rough with Megan.
Megan a few times kept trying to get away from him and ran over to me and her Pop Pop.
Chris followed and Megan clawed her way up on Pop Pop's lap. Chris started saying, "I just can't stop hugging her, it isn't that I want to marry her or anything, I just can't explain it, I just love her"...I said, "Chris, I know what you are talking about, sometimes I can't stop hugging and kissing her too" and he said, "she is just..[long pause]......magical" as he continued to hug her while she sat on her Pop Pop's lap. My dad and I looked at each other and just giggled about how cute it was....too bad I had to leave to go to back to school night, I think I would have enjoyed watching Megan get away from her stalker...LOL
He was soooo cute though.


Christina said...

OMG Stephanie that sounds so cute! She is magical! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww