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Monday, September 17, 2007
So Saturday was a day packed with Parties.
At noon I went to my nephews 2nd Birthday Party with my kids at Chuckie Cheese.
Next, my husband dropped me off at my friend Jen's house and we went to a grown-up demonstration (very naughty) and then the 2 of us were to go from there to my other friend's (Jamie, Victoria's mom)house for her son's birthday party.
I was none the wiser. I did think we were going to Ryan's 2nd birthday.
We pulled up to the house and everything seemed just as usually. There were Happy 2nd Birthday balloons blowing from the mail box.
I got out of Jen's car and was about to walk to our car (since Joe went to the party w/ the kids) to see if Joe left Ryan's present in the trunk when Jen rushed me along telling me, "Don't worry about it"...so I continued to the front door to hear a loud yell of SURPRISE! The first face I saw was Joey's, my son, and I thought in my head, "Why are you doing that silly, be quite" When my scanner went on and I saw, Grandmom, Stacey, my sister, Mike, Kelly and her family.
I literally almost fell to the ground in amazement.
I cannot believe they pulled it off but they did. I, up to this point had never been surprised before.
I am still in shock over it all 2 days later.
WOW, I have some pretty awesome friends, don't I....
BTW, I will be the BIG 30 on September 28th (2 weeks away). I guess that is why I wasn't expecting anything. I will post pics when I get them from Jamie.


jennifergg said...

Hiya! Thanks for stopping by pinwheels and I don't know why the comments aren't showing, they should be. I don't have comment moderation or anything like that...

BUT. I broke my blog and none of the comments come to me, so I'm a bit in the dark myself. I'm working on fixing that one.

Good to hear from you and congrats on all the parties! Every day should be so fun!

P said...

they just wanted to celebrate yours on my birthday. We'll I guess we had that drink together after all ;)

Happy Early Birhtday!

Emily said...

Happy birthday!!! I had my big 30 last year and am now coming up way to quickly on 31. Yikes! I hope you have scheduled a day of pampering for yourself, you deserve it!

amy flege said...

oh how cool!!! surprise parties are the best!! i had one like that for my 30th too!!
happy birthday early!!

Be Inspired Always said...

Happy Early Birthday! Being 30 isn't to horrible... I'll be 32 in November. So far this is the best stage of my life, because I know more things and I don't fret over the littlest things.


The Balsis Family said...

You old woman! Happy Birthday, a few days early!

PS...Did you get that money I sent ya through paypal?

Paul*HolleeAnn*Jordan said...

30...now the REAL fun begins...Happy Birthday to you! i love surprises but no one has ever been able to surprise me before. the only real surprises after 30 have been my ever slowing metabolism and a strange chin hair (misplaced eyebrow or something...odd)...lol!

may all your surprises be better...