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Monday, November 12, 2007
since being diagnosed back in July happened last night. So we pulled out the emergency inhaler....the Flovent! And my goodness, it worked miracles. For the first time since Megan started with her breathing problems we have always had to rush to the ER for a breathing treatment and steroid shot to clam her down....not last night! We did it on our own and she slept!
So for all those out there who deal with the breathing, croup, wheezing issues, it will get better once you get that diagnosis of Asthma because the Pulminologist will make sure you have a Flovent for emergencies. I really believe since we have been treating Megan everyday with the albuterol inhaler that that is the reason she hasn't presented until last night. 4 months and this is the 1st time, before that we dealt with the ER runs once or twice a month.
So although Megan is feeling under the weather she will not be going to the ER anytime soon.


Christina said...

Well I hope she feels better really soon and that is great about her asthma, I know those attacks are super scary!

Michelle said...

awwww, we used to have to do albuterol in a neb. I hope this works out for you guys. Hate to imagine her being scared and fighting to breathe. Not to mention YOU. Hang in there. Love, Michelle

Tammy and Parker said...

Ah! How scary!

Hope things get easier.