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Wednesday, November 7, 2007
I seem to call them now at least once or twice a year it seems. Does anyone remember my Verizon story?
Well today I had to call again. This is what happened...
Me and the girls were waiting for Megan's bus. The girls like to play in the car and so when the bus pulled in the drive way I hooked Olivia into her seat and closed her door. I put Megan on her bus and waved goodbye. I reached over the passenger seat and started the car....I shut the passenger door and walked around to the driver side to get in....LOCKED! My poor Olivia is strapped into her car seat and the doors are locked...YEAH, they must have locked the doors while playing with out me noticing. So I panic and call Joe on my cell phone....I ask him to try On Star and see if they can unlock it....ya know all those commercials about how great they are...NO, they can't do it unless you push the blue button...HUH! So I am coaxing Olivia out of her car seat and Joe starts driving the hour home from his work. So I dial 911 cause that is WAY TOO long and we were suppose to meet Victoria and Jamie for her birthday lunch. I call Jamie to tell her we will not be there and so she drives to my house to try and help.
Olivia was able to get her arms out but still could not reach the button, she even took her shoes off and threw them at the button to open the sliding door.
About 20 minutes in the police man or knight in shining armor as I now refer to him pulls in and rescues my girl from the car. Oh how happy she was....NOT REALLY, she was fine and was sucking her binky watching Caillou the whole time, I think me and Jamie coaxing her out of her seat were just an annoyance.LOL
Let's just say I am feeling pretty crappy right now for doing this.


Leah said...

You are not alone. LOL I'm glad she got out of the car safely, especially with it running. OMG...that would freak me out!

When I was just one week past my 20th birtday, I took newborn Noah to work to show him off. It was July and about 90* outside. I had a 2 door with these huge heavy doors. I turned to set the diaper bag down and the door slammed shut...locked....with baby Noah sleeping inside..in the heat. PANIC! I went into work hysterical. Fortunately it was an old car and our custodian was able to open it quickly. But man, that's scary stuff!

SunflowerMom said...

Oh yikes! Glad she got out safely and wasn't too PO that you were interrupting her show!

I have gone to school to pick up the kids and locked myself out of the car. We even have one of the key code pads so I can get back in but I haven't memorized the combination! Maybe I should get it tattooed on myself, just in case...

Heather said...

Oh Steph, I feel for you! I did the same exact thing with Hannah about a year ago. Hannah would not get out of her seat belt because she knows she is not supposed to! It took an hour and AAA to get her out. Hang in there!

jharootunian said...

That sucks!! That happened to me 2 years ago while xmas shopping. I used to let Sam put the key in the ignition then i would buckle her and Joe up. Well we did that and i even knew she had locked the doors. I forget about that until I was slamming the door closed. great! I tried to talk Sam out of her seat but she couldn't do it. Joe was crying the entire time. I had my bag, with my phone, inside the car. I had to go into toys r us and call 911. And by the way I only had about 20 minutes until I needed to pick up Max from school. Police arrive- useless as they can't unlock doors anymore! Some other guy saw what was going on and had some wire in his truck. Somehow I had left a small crack in my window and he was able to save me the money and time on a locksmith!! I flew to school and got max just in time.

Now Max locks me out on purpose but that is at home so I can just grab the extra set of keys. I also don't close the door anymore without checking the lock if we are out and about. I also keep a magnetic hide a key under my car. Plus now Max and Sam are big enough to get out of the boosters to unlock the doors for me IF needed.

But anyway- it sucks being locked out!!

jenny from downsyn