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Friday, November 9, 2007
Today is my 6th Wedding Anniversary and my 13th Year with my husband.
I could not be happier right now. My husband IS the best husband in the world and best father.
To think 13 years ago we both sat in Chemistry class not knowing where we would be today. YES, we met in Chemistry! How ironic!
We were both juniors in HS and I thought he was so cute and funny. We met at a party one night and we flirted but I am very shy and very hard to get to know...so Joe handed me this heart, it was a weight for the bottom of balloons....I kept that heart in my book bag and one day after school he followed me to my car and tried to flirt with me by saying "your cheeks are the color of the heart I gave you"...my jaw dropped and I was like excuse me..."he said pink, your cheeks are pink"...I said "um, the heart you gave me was green"....he said "no it wasn't" then I pulled it out of my book bag and his jaw dropped and I walked away! Who would have thought that I would marry and be in such LOVE with a man who insults me ;)
Joey loves that story and always asks us to tell him it and he always LAUGHS...I hope at least he will learn from the story and not make the same mistake.

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Tammy and Parker said...

First of all, Happy Anniversary!

I just wanted to stop by and tell you how adorable Megan is!

Christina said...

Happy Anniversary! That is a great story and a beautiful picture!