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Saturday, November 24, 2007
So I was in line at Toys R Us by 2:30 am....I was about 12th in line when I got there but as time passed it turned to more like 20th as people were holding spots.
My friends Jamie and Jen were with me and we plotted our route. I went to video games and got them all. Jamie went one way and Jen the other. After I checked out at videos I met them in the check out line where in total it took us 25 minutes to get in and out. We packed our car and headed to JCPenney since Target didn't open until 6am.
After JCPenney we went to the Disney Store since we were in the mall, I got a ton there for the girls. They had a GREAT sale. After that we headed to Target where it was a mad house. Lines wrapped around the entire store, it was crazy. I shopped while Jen and Jamie waited in line. Target seems to have a great strategy. They seemed to have a ton of stuff on sale but I only found 1 of them. I probably paid full price for most of the stuff I got. We headed back to the Mall to Sears where Jamie was able to finish up. Then we hit Linens-N-Things....I got a few things and was able to save 20% on all my items. You would think we would be done but from there we had a 20% off coupon for IHop so we went to breakfast and talked about how much money we all spent. The food tasted so good after being in the cold all morning long and seeing the sun rise after not seeing it in a whole year.
After breakfast we went to BJ's but they did not have any sales so the parking lot was empty. This is where we all lost a lot of steam and all could have laid down in the bedding isle and taken a nap. We split from there. I went to Kohl's on my way home while Jamie and Jen went to 2 Famous Footwear Stores and Walmart.
So I totaled a full 10 hour day of Black Friday Shopping. I spent $585 dollars and saved $230. It is just 1 crazy day but me and my girls have a blast...we see it as a sport. But believe me I will be watching ad's and bringing things back it I spent too much and they have a better sale later. Don't mess with the BFW's (black Friday Whores...inside joke)
I am almost all done now so it was worth it. I hope everyone else who went out was successful too.


Christina said...

BFW...OMG I am dying laughing...Since I worked retail until just recently..I wouldn't DARE go in there on Black Friday! LOL maybe next year though hehe...they do have really good sales.

Heather said...

I bow down to you! 2:30??? I started at 6:00 and it was an experience! I found the same thing at Target, shelves bare 10 minutes after opening. I was disgusted.Got a couple of deals but not as good as you!

SunflowerMom said...

Wow, you are the BFSuperW! LOL, great shopping skillz! I went out, but was told not to spend a dime, so I came home with only a raincheck. It was fun to get out with my mom, sister and neice, though. I perfer to help other people spend their money. Ha ha ha

Emily said...

So you are one of those crazy people! (kidding ;)) I guess now I should start thinking about Christmas shopping. Maybe online this year...

Alyssa said...

OMG, I can't believe you got up that early!! I'm glad it was a successful day for you all and the deals were worth it! And BFW is TOO funny!