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Thursday, November 29, 2007
It has only been about a month since I started reading over at The Zoromski Chronicles. They have a beautiful family and a little peanut with Down Syndrome....so how could I resist checking them out now and again. Well I am writing this here so you can all follow the link to read about there oldest daughter Karly. Today the family found out Karly has a rare ovarian cancer called small cell ovarian carcinoma. They have a tough road ahead of them and they need all the prayers they can get. Michelle, the mom is such a strong brave person dealing with a lot right now. Not to mention Karly had a seizure this morning and has been in the hospital. Please pray and also leave Michelle a message telling her you are praying. There is something about worldwide pray that helps soothe the soul and give you a feeling of comfort.
Thank you.


Michelle said...

geez...I will go check in...thanks for the heads up. eynacfo

Emily said...

I just read their blog and am so upset about this. It just seems so wrong for one family to have to go through as much as they have. I will certainly be praying for them, I wish there was more I could do!