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Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Joey pitched the 1st 3 innings and did AWESOME. The 1st and 2nd innings were 3 up 3 down...he was on fire. The last inning they scored 1 run, but his team ended up winning 9 to 2. So we play again tomorrow. If we win tomorrow we play in the championship game on Saturday.
It would be his 2nd year making the Championship game.

Last year his team was teetering on last place. There were 8 teams and the top 7 made the playoffs. Well we somehow crawled by to make the playoffs. Somehow, someway our boys made it to the Championship game, it was surreal, bad news bear like. Well in the hot June sun we sat for 3 long hours while we went into the 10th inning (in little league they play 6 innings) but we needed a winner for this game and the best team in the league was having a hard time beating our boys.
It was heart wrenching, the boys lost when 1 boy had walked and the next hit him home. It was so sad to see this group of 9 year old boys crying, but it was so exciting at the same time.

We love baseball in our house. I will share some pics tomorrow as bad mom walked out of the house w/o the camera.