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Sunday, June 3, 2007
So I am on my 2nd day of working out and eating right. Can I quit yet?
My body is in so much pain...supposedly once I am used to it, it will make me feel better.
I just wanted more energy and not feel tired all the time but man ol' man, when I come in from the gym, all I want to do is snooze on the couch.
I am hoping to lose about 70 lbs all together. Then I will be healthy and fit and can maybe try playing basketball again. I miss that!
So I am asking my new blogging friends. Please share any recipes for healthy foods, good routines, any pointers, good websites to help track progress.
I spent $194 tonight at the grocery store buying "healthy"...man that doesn't get you much....it is expensive to eat well.


Christina said...

Oh Stephanie I am dieting and excercising too! I need to get fit and healthy and feeling good about myself. One thing that I love to have is Kabobs on the grill. Shrimp is my favorite! And we also do veggie skewers with yellow, orange and red peppers YUM! Good luck and we can do it!!

Anonymous said...

It is expensive eating healthy. Too expensive for me. I'm with Christina on that shrimp--yummy.

Good luck to both of you. :)

jennifergg said...

Oh I hear you...I need to spend some time taking care of myself, and exercising...Good luck to all of us!

Jamie said...

If anyone can do it, YOU CAN! I am going to be with you every step of the way. Be ready, because Friday, Saturday and Sunday are going to be regular gym days for us!!!! The soreness will not be so bad after a while, it will actually feel good. I PROMISE. I am going to teach you a couple of my favorite "healthy meals" this weekend. Remember, chicken and turkey are our friends and can be a substitute for any fatty red meats. We will do this together. I love ya!
Your sis

Niksmom said...

Hi, I found you through Jennifer's site, Pinwheels. I don't have a child w/DS but other exceptional needs. Since Nik was born, I put on 100 pounds. Stress and depression can do that to you (well, and eating like crap, too!). Since Dec. I have lost 41 pounds. I have been working out at my local Y with a fitness trainer (way cheaper than joining one of those chain fitness club!) and using an awesome website www.myfooddiary.com which I highly recommend. It's very much an educational approach to weight loss and management. You can enter in your daily food intake (or use it as a planning tool) and exercise. I've found it very useful in helping me learn how to make healthier choices more consistently. I have not ever felt deprived and I can do it at any time of day/night. There are resource links and support blogs/bulletin boards you can take advantage of if you want.

For some context, I have alaways struggled with weight due to some metabolic/hormonal issues and have tried nearly everything out there from WW, Atkins, South Beach, SlimFast, etc. This is the first time I have felt like I was in complete control over and taking full responsibility for my body.

Sorry for the long post. Hope the info helps. Feel free to email me offline if youd like more information. BTW, I do not have any professiona affiliation with myfooddiary.com; I am just a really happy customer! (And it's CHEAP, too!)

amy flege said...

oh i need to do this with you!!! i need to lose a good 60 lbs.. i need a push though..ugh

mum2brady said...

Fun fun fun!!! I think it is sooo expensive to eat healthy - my dad keeps teasing me that he has the perfect "cheap-man's diet" for me. Something about duct tape and a straw LOL

Keep it up - you're doing great :)