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Thursday, June 28, 2007
I went to the mall and bought Megan a bunch of "red outfits" LOL to match her glasses....pretty sad huh?
But she wore an outfit today and was just so stinkin' cute in it.
So we have outfits for at least a week :D

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Here are the pics from the website since my camera is not doing so well lately



~Melissa~ said...

Very cute! I would have done exactly the same thing!! A girl needs to match right?!!

The Balsis Family said...

Too cute! I would do the same thing, Steph! LOL

Christina said...

That is SO funny...I'm with you though I would have done the same thing...She is SO darn cute!!

amy flege said...

sounds like something i would do too!!! no matter what though she looks adorable in them!

Lana said...

Awe.. she's so cute sporting her new glasses. and her new outfit. Can't wait to see the others. By the way... she's looking a bit SKA style :) Love it!

Powell Family said...

STINKIN CUTE!!!!!!!! Seriously!! I needed a Megan fix right now!!!!