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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Help me decide what to do doctor. I had prenatal testing and we determined the child I am carrying has an extraordinary IQ and is an amazing athlete.
To help my child flourish in his brilliant world I have come to notice that I cannot afford this child. Here is my break down:

0-12 mths: Psychological evaluations and tests to keep my child on track $1500 a mth
12mth-36 mths: Classes at the local college with other brilliant children $3600 a month
3years to 5 years: Private pre-school for the socially abled child at Chesterbrook Academy $25,000 a year + private piano lessons to nurture the artist side $1200 a month
5 years to 18 years old: Private Boarding School at the local George School $37,500 a year for 14 years
5 years to 18 years: Private golf lessons at local Country club $17,000 a year, cause we need to become members.
Travel abroad over the 18 years for the cultural experience- $14,00 a year
So that is approx $950,000 in 18 years of life.
Not to mention the 8 years of Harvard....@ $50,000 a year

Doctor, what should I do?

Doctor says, Well of course you should have the baby, what does money have to do with love?

This of course is just a satirical version of the new ACOG release that Diane posted on downsyn. I have not been able to get it off my mind so I needed to write this down. As I cannot for the life of me figure out what money has to do with love?

Here is the link to the article:
ACOG article

sickening, just sickening