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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
School's out for summer!!!!
I keep signing that song in my head as today is the last day of school...yippee!
I think I am as excited as Joey.

We got his yearbook and I flipped through each and every page looking for him to appear in at least 1 picture...well, he was at least in his class picture.
I was on the yearbook committee last year and was very good about getting random pics of ALL the kids. Well this year I never heard back to be on the committee and well, this year there are just the same kids in each pic....and all there mom's are on the committee or a homeroom mom....go figure. I almost want to ask for my money back....it made me ill to page through it.

Are your schools as political as mine? You don't make travel baseball unless your dad is a coach...you don't get invited to parties unless you "fit" in. You get left out of the yearbook unless your mom is a PTO mom...ugh!

I am so taking over our school once my girls are in elementary and I AM GOING TO INCLUDE EVERYONE! I am not going to make anyone feel left out or shunned...it is the worst feeling in the world.

School politcs are over for 9 weeks....yippee!


Anonymous said...

How sad that an elementary school would do such a thing. People should be more aware of exclusion in this day/age. Aaah, yep that's why I homeschool all three of my girls. No need to feel left out or not the right size, shape or color. In our house everyone is included and there is a positive learning environment.

L. Noelle said...

What kind of school is this? I am very sad to hear this! And yes, I can totally understand why parents homeschool! totally!

Christina said...

And also when you work when your kids are in school and can't be involved in things and the homeroom moms make you feel bad for not voluntering time..that stinks!

~Melissa~ said...

This is the kind of reason I wish that I could homeschool. It amazes me how mean parents and kids can be - Dominic is only in Kindergarten and we've already experienced this kind of thing!

Powell Family said...

Bummer!! We're entering the school politics this fall....and I am NOT looking forward to that part of it!!