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Friday, June 1, 2007
Have you all seen or read about this case of TB. It is so scary but for me it is all a little bizzare and unreal.
Did you read that this man married the daughter of a CDC microbiologist whose specialty is TB???? How did this guy get TB? It is all a little strange to me.
But my feeling is that yet again doctors haven't a clue what they are doing...and also had a hand in this man "possibly" infecting a dozen other passengers on that airplane.
Has anyone heard any other news on this? I am so intrigued by this story.


Anonymous said...

I could not believe that this man's father in law worked on a very close strain of tb, and that he spent 10 years working exclusively on tb for the cdc.

What makes me wonder even more than this is the fact his fiance still followed through with the marriage. What a huge risk to her own health.

I am sure she loved him, and that they are being cautious, but what about that period of time before he knew?

I just don't think I would want to be her.