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Thursday, June 21, 2007
I of course will post a picture right away of my beautiful girl in her new studios glasses. She was very cute at the eye glass place runninng all over pointing at all the designer frames. She had a fan club who knew her name as they were leaving..."Bye Megan, enjoy your new glasses"

Our road to getting glasses was not pretty. We originally started at a pediatric ophthalmologist in Newtown, PA...name listed as to not make the same mistake as me and go to him with your children (Dr. Oppenheimer) I brought Megan in the 1st time for just a check-up where he gave her a clean bill of health, that was when she was just under 2. Over the next year she began crossing her eyes inward a ton. We went for her 3 year check up in Nov. 06 when our ped told us to go back to the eye doctor because he didn't like the way her eyes were crossing so frequently. So I called next day and got her right in. She had a referral which stated she needed to be checked for eye crossing and depth perception issues. We were there for about an hour for the doctor to tell me I was an exaggerating mother because he could not recreate the problem with all his high-tech techniques. He has several patients with down syndrome and all the parents are the same, they automatically think there is a major issue when in all honesty it is there IQ. You can read that statement again if you want, but that is what he told me. I am so mad that I cried and left there w/o telling him what I thought of him. He knew I was angry an offered a name of another opthamologist for a 2nd opinion. I just walked out and went 7 whole months before following up.

Megan has gotten much worse with the eye crossing so I knew we needed to get an appointment. So we went and saw the most awesome eye doctor. She was INCREDIBLE and never assumed I was exaggerating as she actually had techniques and brains to see it for herself. Megan has a back head tilt...which I never thought had to do with her vision...but in fact she has an "A pattern Estropia" which means she can only see when she tilts her head back and that is why she always sits directly under the TV and puts her face up to all her books. When her head is straight her eyes cross and when she looks down she is completely farsighted. So now we do glasses for 6 weeks to see if there is a difference in the eye crossing. If there is no change we might be having eye surgery.


Christina said...

I can't wait to see her in her glasses! And for the life of me I can NOT believe that doctor said that to you! I thought i heard it all before! MaN

The Balsis Family said...

I'm so glad you got some answers for our sweet girl! Hopefully there will be a difference after 6 weeks of glasses...can't wait to see you guys in Kansas City!! Woo hoo!