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Sunday, December 2, 2007
Megan had her 4 year check up on Friday. She got 3 shots while she was there. Her MMR, Flu and chicken pox vaccine. She was such a champ. I think she gave the tears for a lollipop.
Now get this...my girl has grown 2 inches this past year. I am not sure if I was watching the same girl grow cause I was worried she wasn't doing it.
She is now 35 inches tall and 34 lbs....WOW HUH?
She is getting sooo big. And she has been doing really well lately with keeping her glasses on.
We go this week to get the blood work done. She will have her thyroid checked, her blood cell count done and also get the Celiac test. Will update once again when I get those results.


Christina said...

SOunds like she is doing great! Good luck with all that blood work and I am following your blog for a follow up on the coach situation..something sounds fishy there to me!