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Saturday, December 1, 2007

So you will not believe this crap. My son Joey is in a basketball league through our school district. We got the BEST coach. I came home after our 1st practice to tell Joe how motivating and awesome he was. I felt like he really cared about the boys learning the game. He gave them each a binder with all their plays in it so that they could study them. WOW Right?

Well, he sent out an email regarding our game schedule. There are 2 courts that 5th/6th play on..."The Front Court" and "The Back Court"...seems that the court time was not dispersed evenly. Check this out:

Team 1549
Team 2549
Team 3459
Team 4909
Team 5549
Team 6549
Team 7639
Team 8639
Team 9549
Team 10549
Team 11459
Team 12549
Team 13459
Team 14279
Team 15549
Team 16459
Team 17729
Team 18459

Our team is Team 14....meaning we get 2 games on the front court. The front court is the good court. It has bleachers, a bench for the team, a score board and the back court has no space for the team to sit or the parents and is very uncomfortable and it is hard to bring the little kids. So you want to have your games on the Front Court. Check out Team 4. They have every single game on the Front court. They will not ever have to suffer through the pain of the back court....hmmmmm how did this happen?

Must have been an oversight...most the other teams are evenly dispersed between both gyms.

Well Joey's coach sent an email to the board of the league questioning this. (Team #4's coach is on the board) The response to Joey's coach was "please hand in your resignation"....WHAT....they can't be serious.

Joey's coach told us at practice what was going on and we were all shocked. The coach told us he had no plans of resigning or any reason to do so. So we thought it was the end.

NOPE! Today the cops were at the gym to keep our coach out! It was insane. A parent got a citation for calling the Team 4 coach the A-word and our coach was officially banned. So a double whammy to Team 14, no justice here but our team will not stop until this wrong is righted even if we have to strike the league.

Any ideas?


Alyssa said...

Holy crap! That is insane. Sounds like the coach for Team #4 needs to get the boot! What kind of lesson is he teaching these kids now? Keep fighting girl, I wouldn't let him get his way.

Leah said...

OMG I'd be furious. What in the world? Is this league sancioned by a state orgnaization or anything? If so, I'd be having a talk with them. If not...hmmm...what to do? Obviously it wasn't a lottery system for the courts, because the odds wouldn't have happened that way. What were the boards grounds for asking for the coaches resignation? And why in the world did the police show up? That is very strange. Someone has something against someone and has been just waiting for their moment. A few weeks ago on People's Court (sorry, Dean watches trash TV and sometimes I listen in) there was a soccer situation, and parents that wanted their money back. Turns out the coach had some "issues" that, while he talked a good talk as far as the kids were concerned, his actions behind the scenes spoke differently.

Megan's got 47 said...

What were the boards grounds for asking for the coaches resignation?

They said because he "stirred the pot" by emailing all the coaches about the situation.

Four Powells said...

OMG! That is crazy! Very very weird! I wonder what the back story is to all of this, because no way is this all of it...and if it is-that's really screwed up!

Michelle said...

I would say a walkout by all the kids on that team and their parents, and perhaps letters to other team parents (or word of mouth) would be very effective. We had to lose the ENTIRE last part of our football season plus championships etc last year because of VERY poor coach sportsmanship...a coach threatened physical harm to a 10 yr old!! fist fight broke out over it, it was bad. It was only the pressure of the good parents and the hurt that was caused to the kids that allowed us to have a half decent yr this year. It can be VERY bitter. Unfortunately, sometimes as a parent you have to take a stand that costs your kid something valuable, because just continuing on and accepting it is morally wrong. It sucked for us last year, but enough of us did it that they paid attention. Also, the media never hurts in these sitautions, expose the bad apples. he is already banned, not much worse they can do. Im sorry it happened, he sounds like a nice guy.

Megan's got 47 said...

Michelle, not to mention he is one of us. A dad who also has a child with special needs. He fights everyday for his daughters life (fragile needs) and then has to deal with this bull. He truly is an amazing man who will not let people walk all over him. He is a good example for our children.
This is killing me.

To give you more of the back story. Supposedly he questioned last year regarding our team pictures. They were taken in January and we did not receive them until July. When he emailed the board suggesting a new photographer he was told "if you do not like the way things are run you can go to another league"...Turns out one of the board members owns the photography company used by the league...this is all making me sick.

Michelle said...

sounds like your entire board needs to be revamped, conflicts of interest are everywhere. Wow.