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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
no real updates yet. I talked to the ped today and he was still trying to get the doctors on the phone. I called and left a message with the head of the Trisomy 21 program at CHOP. I think a few people on here see her (Dr. Mary Pipan) to see if she could give my ped a little guidance.

My ped had messages in with a hemotologist, a GI and a cardiologist. Hopefully we will hear something today.

I am trying not to worry until there is something to worry about but you all know how hard that is when you are a mom. Megan is fine and seems healthy as a horse so that is reassuring...she ate her morning sausage as usual LOL


Four Powells said...

Praying everything is ok with Megan! Boy, do I know all of your fears...we've seen Darah's hematologist and cardiologist in the last 5 days and have a big appointment tomorrow as well!! But I'm going to tell you what you'd tell me (and are already telling yourself)....don't worry and yes, no news is good news. HUGS! Keep us posted!

Four Powells said...

Any updates??

Rick said...

Did you say, "Dr. Mary Poppins?" She can do magic.


Megan's got 47 said...

Close....LOL, wish she was Mary Poppins...sorry for no update, I will get it up, promise.