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Wednesday, December 5, 2007
1st can you say a prayer for my husbands mom. Her nursing home is closing after the holidays and so we have been looking for another home for her. We thought we found one but they just called to tell us that our mothers health is deteriorating quickly and she will need extra nursing care so they cannot except her. She is only 59 years old but has had a history of mental health issues which lead to her health issues today (diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, morbid obesity). It is very hard to find a place for her since she does not have much money left.
My MIL is fed up with life and is giving up. I know I pray for that little bit of herself inside that cannot come out and enjoy life, her family and herself. I know it is praying for a miracle but her life has just been so sad.

2nd, my Pop Pop. He is old and his health is deteriorating as well. He has been in pain for some time now and it has prevented him from traveling from FL to PA. I hugged him in August and almost knew it was the last time. Please pray for him to not have pain and to get through this so I and my children have more time with him.

3rd for all the kids in the world who are suffering may it be here in the US or abroad in those institutions. It is not fair and it breaks my heart to read about it and see it. Kate at Ramblings of an Interrupted Mom is having to watch her son Jake go through this now. Please pray that Jake goes in peace and with out pain.

Too much right now before Christmas. Prayers are so important.


Alyssa said...

Is Pop Pop your dad?
Sorry for all you guys are going thru, you will be in my prayers.

Megan's got 47 said...

It is my grandfather. My dad's dad.