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Sunday, December 9, 2007
I was gonna get the walk-in kitchen for the girls but I didn't want it sitting in the middle of the playroom taking up a bunch of room. I wanted something to push up against the wall, so after seeing very small kitchens I didn't like too much I ordered this:
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I am so excited for them to see it and play! Christmas is not to far away!
15 days and counting!!!!

What BIG gift did you buy for your little ones?


~Melissa~ said...

That is so cool! She's going to have so much fun! We got a big kitchen last year for Dominic and he still enjoys it, it's in Delphine's room now and it's fun to watch them play together.

This year - nothing huge for d, but we got D a big Playmobil hospital. I think he'll really like it!

Kari said...

That is a nice kitchen!! We have one from about 6 years ago it isn't anywhere as nice the toys just keep getting more and more realistic over the years. Chanelle recieved it for her 2nd birthday. I did buy Tristan some new food to go with it for this year because he is starting to take interest in it. I didn't really get anything large this year but a bunch of smaller things. I think Tristans fav toy will be his Imaginex walking dinosaur he just loves it when I let him play with it at Toys R us :)