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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
1.When Megan laughs she squints so small you can’t see the whites of her eyes. She scrunches her nose and her tongue sticks out. It is the cutest thing imaginable.

2.Megan has denim colored eyes and on a gloomy foggy day they are always what stand out most. She has the most beautiful eyes and very prominent brushfield spots.

3.Megan’s hair is so smooth and silky and beautiful, she has the hair I always wanted. During the winter months it turns shades of brown and in the summer months she looks like a beach bum blonde.

4.Megan asks for a drink by making a hard “k” sound and signing milk. She has also passed this on to her sister and she asks for a drink the same way. Good thing I am always around otherwise they would go thirsty because nobody would have a clue what they were doing or saying.

5.When Megan is tired she talks non-stop, I call her jabber jaws. She will tell you she wants fwench fwies and chitcken and wants to watch Dora and Caillou. She loves to cuddle while she does this.

6.Megan loves to read, when she is ready her butt will back right up and plop in your lap, we always say she needs a beeper on that thing…she will start by looking up at you and saying “ready”…she loves to turn the page and say the last word on every page. She always closes the book and says “the end”

7. Megan loves to be helpful, just the other night she swung a large glass of ice tea in Olivia’s face because she was thirsty…I said she loves being helpful yet is not very graceful and so the help is sometimes more work for me but I LOVE IT!

8. Megan absolutely loves watching her brother get on the bus every morning, if I let her she would so go with him and be ok….

9. Every day Megan gets off the bus she offers up her kisses and says “Bye Guys” to all her friends. Melts my heart daily.

10. When we are walking in to the house after getting off the bus Megan always says “where Olivia” and I tell her she is sleeping, she responds with a “no…no more sweeping” and I have to bribe her not to wake her sister. Offering Caillou usually helps me win this battle.

11. While watching TV Megan always stands at attention with her hands behind her back…in her pants. As much as I try and correct this behavior she continues to do it.

12. I put on Megan’s sure steps and shoes about 50 times a day. She will ALWAYS remove them as soon as you are not looking. She also has her sister helping her out every once and awhile as I usually catch them in the act while Megan is removing her right shoe, Olivia is always working on the left….however Olivia always seems to keep hers on.

13. Megan is a petite eater, she is very careful and takes her time. She will always be the last one done and will eat whatever you left on your plate. She does not discriminate when it comes to food. Some of her favorite foods are squash, cucumbers, broccoli, green beans and of course chicken and French fries.

14. Megan loves to talk on the phone and can have a conversation with anyone. We love to let her practice her answering abilities when a solicitor is calling.

15. Megan has the ability to make anyone fall in love with her. She has done this many of times and at Joey’s baseball games she always has a line of boys waiting for her attention.

16. Megan loves watching sports and all the people playing are Joey….so when we are watching the Eagles play Megan is always yelling “YAY Joey!”

17. Megan loves the bath, you are not aloud to wash her hair though, only she is aloud to do that, she will yell at you if you touch her while she is in her tub, she is in charge and will wash herself.

18. Megan is very stubborn, she wants things done her way and will do a strong arm cross and a yell if it is done any other way.

19. Megan is very good with direction, if you pull out of the driveway in a different direction then Nana and Pop Pop’s house she will scream her disapproval. If you do turn the right way you will get a loud “YAY” and clap but if you pass Nana and Pop Pop’s she will cry and you just might have to pull in so she can say hello…if your not in a hurry.

20. Megan loves music and loves to dance. She has a fantastic wiggle….it is infectious but cannot be imitated as she is one of a kind.

21. Megan loves with all her heart, she will hug and kiss those she loves and has a hard time saying goodbye, if you yell at her or correct her she will pout and her lip will go out and you will have to forgive her right away because you can never stay mad at her, just this morning I had to yell at her to stop taking off her clothes but in the same breathe I hugged her for mastering the task. She must be 1 confused little girl.


Deborah said...

Oh yay, I loved reading these! I could comment on so many of them, but I will say ditto to this: when she is ready her butt will back right up and plop in your lap" Sean does the same thing! And i loved the one about elisting Olivia's help in removing her shoes!

rylie's mom said...

I love # 7- I was laughing after I read it. I can relate.I'm enjoying reading your blog. Your kids are beautiful!

Melanie said...

Wow...it was great to read the wonderful things about your daughter. It makes me want my little one to grow up sooner so I can learn more about him. Visit my blog...I am so grateful to have found yours.