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Saturday, October 13, 2007
Hello to everyone out there checking out Stephanie's blog. My name is Jamie, and I am Stephanie's older sister. Tonight I am stepping in for Steph on both the blog and at home. She and Joe do not get the chance to go out often, but I am always willing to sit for them. My boyfriend Will and I come over to the Bissol home quite regularly because I can not stand being away from my nieces and nephew for too long. I do not have any kids of my own and being around these angels can be an amazing feeling. I also like the feeling I get when I can leave them, all sugared up and hyper, as Stephanie's 'problem'. :-) LOL.
Watching all of them grow into their own person is sooooo cool. They all have such unique personalities, and it is a trip to see the interaction between them. Just this evening, it was revealed to me that Megan and Olivia have decide their beds were just too far apart. Megan, the determined little monkey, pushed her bed about 1 foot away from her sister's bed. They seem to enjoy the independence their room offers and take advantage of every moment alone.
Right now I am trying to get them down for the night, so I turned on an episode of Caliou and shut the door. I can hear them running around and plotting to get out. I think they take turns commanding the escape. Eventually, they retire to their separate beds to sleep, but sometime in the middle of the night switch to throw me off.
I am not really sure what it is that Stephanie expected from my blog, but I can not resist gushing about the most beautiful girls in the world. I think I might need to go, I hear the door being dismantled by my very create gruesome twosome.