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Sunday, October 7, 2007
Saturday: We had A GREAT DAY! We went on a looongg bike ride with Joey, Megan and Olivia and found a hidden playground that we didn't know about. The girls were so cute climbing like monkeys on the ladders and the tall see-saw. We watched as the 2 girls got onto the see-saw in 2 completely different ways. I wish I had a picture to share. Olivia got on herself by using brute arm strength. She seems to be scary strong in her upper body. Then there was short little flexible Megan who picked her leg up over her head to put it on the seat and then grabbed the handle and pulled herself up. I couldn't help but be proud of both of them for neither looked to mom and dad for help.
Joey was such a great big brother and played right along side them. Once we got home they did not want to sleep so we headed to our back yard swing set and the girls had a blast swinging side by side as Joey let them kick him over.
We all had to rush in and get in the bath and shower because we had Grandmom's 79th birthday party and it was a surprise. We had no idea where we were going, we just knew it was at a Country Club in New Jersey. We got the girls all dolled up in their party dresses to surprise Grandmom Rose. It was just beautiful! She was very surprised and was wearing the same dress she wore to my wedding, that was the 1st thing I noticed when she came through the double doors. The girls were over whelmed with the shouts of "surprise" but warmed up enough to dance on the dance floor.
Unfortunately Joey, Megan and I left early because Joey had his first basketball game. Megan was so cute sitting in the stands cheering and yelling "YAY JOEY" to every boy with a basketball. Megan still had on her dress and sat so nicely with her aunt meme and "wheel" (Will) as I sat on the bench as assistant coach of Joey's team. I am taking a step down this year to focus more on Joey!
His team lost but Joey scored a basket. He is in 5th grade but plays on a team with 6, 7 and 8th graders and keeps up pretty well.
Very tired Saturday night so no time to blog, sorry!

Sunday: Cleaned my car and filled up my gas tank by 9am because the kids were going to my parents house and we were leaving them the car. We took my parents car and headed to the Falkevitz house by 11am. It was big "Baptism" day today. Me and Joe were honored to be a part of the day. Julianna was just precious and beautiful and a little angel in church, the only noises she made was from sucking down her bottle. She is such a happy baby! After the church we went back to Julianna's house and shared in the celebration of the day. It was very laid back, good food and good friends. What more could you ask for! My parents came later with the kids and I was glad that they were able to also share in the day. We left the party because Joey had another basketball game....they won! YAY! And I am now sitting on the couch watching my TIVO recording of Extreme Makeover and I know I have seen this girl online before. I think I saw a youtube video of her. She is so strong and beautiful so I am typing all this through teary eyes.

Tomorrow: Busy Busy day! Joe had to take off because we have so much going on.
I need to leave by 7:30 am to get me and Megan to CHOP by 9. Megan will be doing a swallow study, having a chest x-ray and doing a sweat test. We will hopefully run on schedule because we need to be back at Megan's school by 1:30 for her IEP meeting.
We got the rough draft and I am thinking I need to add "potty training" to it. Megan is going to be 4 shortly and I really want her potty trained.

So please keep us in your prayers for a smooth day. I will update tomorrow night.

Hope you can all understand why I missed my blogging day although I am very upset with myself...I tried :(


~Melissa~ said...

Wow! You are really busy! I hope all goes smoothly today :)

SunflowerMom said...

Hope the tests went well this morning. Sounds like a fun weekend!