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Saturday, October 20, 2007
I am not sure what to blog about tonight. I am very sleepy after a long day.
Joey had baseball this morning basketball tonight, Joe had a beer festival and I had the girls.
While we were at my friends house Olivia was not paying attention and walked into the tail gate of a truck leaving a HUGE knot on her forehead. I contemplated taking her to the ER but she recovered relatively quickly with an ice pop. Olivia seems prone to accidents. I am pretty sure she took 15 years off my life today. She stayed awake till 8pm and acted normal.
Megan is so easy going. My friends daughter has a Barbie jeep and Megan took turns so nicely while Olivia would not give up her seat. Sometimes I could just kiss Megan all over her face when she acts that way...she truly makes my life easier.
The past 2 days I started x-mas shopping....it just seemed so close and I felt like I needed to get the kids things before the rush started.
So I got Joey the new Monopoly fast cash, brain age for DS, Pitching net and rubber pitching mound.
For the girls I got them these cute twin babies that play patty cake, I got them a cute table and chair set and my little ponies....
Getting that out of the way just makes me feel accomplished.
Now I need to budget and make a list....I do need to be more organized.

So that is the end of my "all over the place" rant. Shhhhhh, don't tell the kids what I bought....