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Tuesday, October 9, 2007
I am stating this here so that it becomes true.
This has become a big hurdle for us.
Megan does not seem to want to do the potty thing and it is killing me.
So starting tomorrow I am going at it hard-core.
Her teachers at school are on the same page so I am thinking we CAN do this.
Any tips, any ideas, books that will help us on our mission PLEASE share.
Megan will be 4 in 4 weeks!
I want her to wear cute little girl panties by her birthday party.
Doesn't 4 seem soooo old! LOL


Leah said...

I was gonna suggest the "hard core" method...but most parents HATE hearing that suggestion! LOL It takes the most amount of patience! Here's what I suggest though, if you have pull-ups at your house PUT THEM AWAY where they are NOT easy to get to. That temptation to go dig one out is difficult to ignore! LOL Hang in there mom. You guys can do this! Oh...also if she does pee on the floor or something, you can hand her a towel and say, "Oh darned. You peed, guess you'll have to clean it up." then walk away while she pushes the puddle around for a minute, then have her go do something else out of sight while you finish cleaning it up. (this backfired with Angela cuz she LIKES cleaning up messes! ) Hang in there Steph!!!! I know you guys can do this.

SunflowerMom said...

Good luck, Steph! Sounds like you all have the right determination for the task. Hope Miss Meggie Moo is ready, too.

Michelle said...

Good luck on the potty training! We gave Kayla a mini M&M everytime she would go :)and that was a treat for her as she doesn't get chocolate or something sweet like that very often!

Megan's got 47 said...

Thanks guys! GREAT 1st Day!
No accidents, she wore panties in the morning and when she went on the bus she wore pull-ups and then when she got home she was STILL dry and stayed dry till bed time. I hope she wakes up dry.
She peed for me 3 times but NO times at school. Her BM's are few and far between so we aren't expecting one for a few more days.
HARD CORE AGAIN TOMORROW! I gotta keep this up for at least 2 weeks.

Megan's got 47 said...

p.s. Our Method: We filled the bathroom with books, a radio and candles (She likes blowing them out). So she wanted to be in there. Then we set the timer for every 20 minutes. When she heard the beep she caught on that it was time to try again. My friend used this method and it took her 3 days and her daughter got it....so I am saying 1 to 2 weeks of this for Megan.

Christina said...

Praying it happens quickly! Kallie showed me ZERO signs of being ready(whatever that heck that is!) I just was sick of having two in diapers! Good luck with everything!

Clark Mama said...

Good lock! I tried EVERYTHING with Bella, but she's so independent. She wanted nothing of it...I finally gave up and she up and did it herself one day. Little Stinker!